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Warmup Tips: How to Use Static and Dynamic Stretching to Become a Better Athlete

Static stretching alone can impair your reflexes and increase your risk for injury, but here's how and when it can be used to your benefit.

Earlier this week, we reported details of a new discovery that reverses nearly 15 years of fitness and health recommendations on static stretching. (Read: Static Stretching Not as Bad as Everyone Thought.) The comprehensive review, published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, said static and dynamic stretching, when incorporated into a full warmup routine including an aerobic component that precedes and follows the stretches won’t detract from exercise performance, and may even reduce muscle strain injury risk instead.

So we jumped on the phone with lead study author David Behm, Ph.D., from the Memorial University of Newfoundland to find out just how to incorporate static stretching into your regimen to get the maximum benefit. 

The Warmup, Deconstructed

1. Aerobic component: 5 to 10 minutes of running or cycling
2. Static and dynamic stretching: 5 minutes (minimum)
3. Dynamic activity: 5 to 15 minutes that involve movements associated with your activity

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