It takes a special kind of body to be able to walk around in a loincloth. you need to be muscular but lean and athletic enough to look like you can hold your own in any situation. that’s the look the cast of spartacus: Vengeance has perfected—and the look Manu Bennett, one of the stars of the series, will help you achieve in this month’s work­ out.

Bonus: You can do it from anywhere, and you’ve got only three exercises per workout.


Gyms are crowd­ed this time of year, and if you’re a busy guy, you don’t have much time to spend in them anyway. Truth is, if you cover all your bases each workout, less is more. Full ­body training, where a workout consists of a push, pull and leg exercise, is enough to keep your muscles growing for months while enabling you to shed pounds.

One-Off Workout: 25-Minute Full Body TRX Circuit >>>

The power lies in variety. Keep changing up the exercises, sets, reps, and loads and you’ll never plateau. The workouts shown here are just a three­ day sample. You can choose any exercise you like as long as it satisfies one of these categories: push (pushups, presses); pull (rows, chinups); and legs (squats, deadlifts, or any of their variations). Don't worry that you won't be targeting your abs directly. If you're doing lots of standing and unilateral exercises, you'll feel your core working constantly. In the first exercise of every session go heavy, the second one should give a good pump, and the third should test your endurance. In four weeks, you may not be ready for the coliseum, but at least you’ll look the part.

Improv Workout: Full Body 45lb. Plate Workout >>>


Perform each workout (Day I, II, and III) once per week, resting a day between sessions. Vary the order of your movement pat­ terns. For instance, the first exercise on Day I can be a pull, and the first exer­cise on Day II can be legs. Keep the sets and reps the same for the first, second, and third exercises, but change the exercises themselves regu­larly—those shown here are only an example.


* In the 5th century gladiatorial contests between men were outlawed in Rome. Beast hunting in the arena continued well into the sixth century.

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