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Push Past Pec Plateaus

Are you bored with powering through the same old chest workout week after week? Tired of waiting in line for an open bench? Of course you are. The bench press at any gym sees more action than Patrick Ewing at the Platinum Club. And rightfully so. For building pectoral mass, the bench has no equal. But if you've hit a sticking point in your workouts, a little variety wouldn't be such a bad idea.

In fact, stick to any workout for too long, and you'll see your gains start to diminish over time. It's only natural. Muscles are inherently lazy, and if you're adhering to the same routine over an extended period of time, they'll grow accustomed to the stimulus and won't grow as fast as they had been.

Lifting heavier weight is one way to get past a plateau; switching up your workouts is another. To that end, we're offering the following chest workouts. They're unorthodox, sure. But if you mix them in with your normal chest routine, say, once a month, they just might provide the missing impetus needed to take your physique to another level.

"From an appearance point of view, flyes are important if you want to improve your pecs so they look better," says Dave Harris, C.S.C.S. "Sometimes, with compound exercises [such as bench presses] it's difficult to isolate a particular muscle group. In order to encourage the shape of specific muscles, isolation exercises are often more effective."

The Workout
We offer two options, both designed to enhance the overall development of the entire pectoralis. If appearance is your primary goal, these routines should do the job. But improved looks aren't their only benefit.


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