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Resistance Bands

Here’s how to use those big elastic loops around your gym to maximum benefit

Assistance on Pullups or Dips

Tie a medium-to thick band around a chinup bar (or wrap it around parallel bars), then stand in the loop (or hammock) you’ve made. The band’s elasticity will help boost you up.

Stretch Your Hamstrings

Take a semi-thick band and hook one end around the bottom of your foot. Loop the other end around the back of your neck. Lie back on the floor and extend your leg straight up, with your neck anchoring the band.

Work Your Shoulders

“Band pull-aparts,” as they’re called, are great for counteracting the effects of too much bench pressing. Hold opposite ends of the elastic band in either hand. Raise the band in front of you, then pull it as widely apart as you can, keeping your arms parallel to the floor.

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