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The 2011 MF 25

From the boardroom to the classroom, the big screen to the small, these guys are among the world's fittest
DEREK POUNDSTONE The Strongman, 29

● Derek Poundstone isn’t just one of our fittest guys. He’s also the strongest man in the U.S., with two Arnold Strongman Classic wins to show for it (as of press time, he was gunning for his third). Depending on how far out from a competition he is, Poundstone weighs in anywhere between 320 and 340—and yet unlike most strongmen, his abs are always on display. As for his title, the former police officer thinks he can do better. “My life will not be complete until I win World’s Strongest Man,” he says, adding that he plans to retire within a few years. “Then again, I say the same thing every year.”


NICK FERRONI The Educator, 32

● Every year, we reserve a spot on our MF 25 for one of our readers. This year, New Jersey history teacher Nick Ferroni landed the coveted slot. “I’m honored,” Ferroni says. “It’s good to see nice guys finish first for once!” A former actor, Ferroni gave up dreams of the spotlight to follow his other passion: becoming a teacher. Today, Ferroni uses everything from rap to historical references in South Park to get his students to crack open their books. But his influence extends beyond the classroom. “I try to lead by example,” says Ferroni, who gets up at 5 a.m. every day to do high-intensity cardio, abs, and lifting. After school, he trains a handful of students at a local gym. “When they’re there every day, at the same time, it teaches them commitment,” he says. “It’s a way of life.”



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