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The 2011 MF 25

From the boardroom to the classroom, the big screen to the small, these guys are among the world's fittest

● The NHL’s top goal scorer endured a grueling summer-training program under former all-star Gary Roberts. With Roberts’ tutelage, the young Tampa Bay center worked out six days a week, focusing on building core and lower-body strength. On “off days” he performed intense interval training, such as sprints and sled pulls. Stamkos’ meticulously crafted diet consists of quinoa, sprouts, and protein-packed organic meals.


JOEL MCHALE The Wiseguy, 39

● He’s either the funniest fit guy in Hollywood or the fittest funny guy. “I imagine that I’m about 21 years old and playing football again,” the star of Community and host of The Soup told MF. “Then I wake up and realize I’m not.” Although his days of playing tight end at the University of Washington and running marathons are behind him, McHale certainly hasn’t peaked. “I train much like Stallone in Rocky,” he jokes. “I would say that sleep deprivation, not eating, and pushups are how I do it.” McHale bangs out hundreds of pushups a day, mostly in his trailer between takes. He avoids sugar and carbs whenever possible, snacks on almonds and hard-boiled eggs throughout the day, and has fish and veggies for dinner. “Usually, when I hear I’m gonna be naked on TV, I have about two weeks to prepare. So, it’s the ‘Hey, you’re-going-to-be-on-TV-naked-in-two-weeks diet.’ ”



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