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The 2011 MF 25

From the boardroom to the classroom, the big screen to the small, these guys are among the world's fittest
BRADLEY COOPER The Leading Man, 36

● Following the massive success of The Hangover, Bradley Cooper got absolutely shredded for The A-Team. Celeb trainer Ramona Braganza crafted Cooper a regimen that combined strength training, cardio, and core-building exercises in an hour-long workout. Cooper also adhered to a strict diet. No salt, no sugar, and a ton of boiled chicken. The strenuous regimen allowed him to get jacked and stay that way for roles in Valentine’s Day, Limitless, and this summer’s The Hangover Part II.


GREG HILL The Adventurer, 35

● Last year, Greg Hill set a record that we expect to stand for a very long time—he skied 2 million feet in a single season. “I really like figuring out my personal limits,” says the Canadian pro skier. To set his record, Hill averaged more than 7,500 feet of skiing over 266 days, climbing 71 different summits and making a total of 1,039 runs. Despite the obvious physical challenge, he says it’s his mental fitness that made it all possible. “You gotta have complete faith. You can be the fittest person in the world, but if you don’t believe you can do it, it’s not gonna happen.”



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