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The 2011 MF 25

From the boardroom to the classroom, the big screen to the small, these guys are among the world's fittest
JASON MOMOA The Barbarian, 31

● Rebooting one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most beloved franchises is a challenge, so props to the man charged with filling those legendary, fur-cuffed boots to become the new Conan the Barbarian. An athletic 6'4", 215 pounds, Momoa says he packed on 10 pounds of muscle for the role, spending six hours daily in martial arts and swordplay training. ”Having this as my first lead was heavy,” Momoa recently told Variety. “I was working nonstop. It was exhausting—and fun.”



● During his first season with the Miami Heat, LeBron delivered MVP-caliber stats. As of press time, he was averaging 26 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists per game. The 6'8", 250-pound baller is nearly unguardable, capable of playing point guard or down low on the block (and possibly in the NFL). And unlike most other NBA pros, the older this all-star gets, the more man strength he gains. LeBron’s a beast in the gym, and Heat strength coach Bill Foran knows that it’s important for certain players to set an example for the younger guys. “Having veterans with a good work ethic is huge,” he says. “It makes all the difference.”



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