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The End of Days Workout

Not everyone can have a crossbow like Norman Reedus. Fitness is your only hope.

5. Squats.

You’re going to be picking up looted furniture for your makeshift shelter, and strong calves and quads will help. So if you haven’t been working on your squats? You'd better get to it.

6. Biceps Curls.

Basic, yes, but biceps curls are a must for anyone who plans on hunting. Whether you’re swinging a pick ax or pulling back on a bow when the bullets run out, biceps curls will make or break this huntsman. Get some blood rushing to those biceps with these biceps curl variations.

7. Standing Woodchops.

These exercises will work the arms and abs you’ll need to help you—no surprise here—chop wood. To woodchop, hold something with weight (like a medicine ball) with your arms extended above your right shoulder. Keeping your arms straight, but not locked, bend at the knees and rotate your torso to the left as you bring your arms down and across your body. When your hands reach your left ankle, hold for a second and reverse the movement, holding at the top. Do 10 reps then switch sides.

8. Deep Knee Bends.

Doing some deep knee bends with jumps will help you gain vertical height, which will be imperative to escaping the hordes of enraged masses. (Just picture yourself grabbing on to low tree branches to rise above any threat!) To start, stand with your feet approximately shoulder-width apart, looking straight ahead with both arms out in front of you, zombie-style. Now slowly bend down until your hamstrings touch your calves, then push off your heels and drive yourself back up to the starting position. Finally, flex your quads with all your might and repeat. Add 20 full reps to your workout today to test your strength, and watch your form if you have knee issues.


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