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The Fit 5

MF's weekly roundup of user-submitted questions
1.) Drop the Belly Fat — asked by Thomas Wheeler

“To lose fat you need to diet. To diet, you need to cut calories, mainly from carbs. Your fat may be coming off in some areas faster than others, but that’s genetic. Nothing you can do to redirect it. Just concentrate on losing more fat and you’ll get there eventually. The macro ratio you have is good for general health or building muscle but that’s too many carbs to lose fat. To make it simple, cut them back to 30 grams or less per day. You’ll lose fat fast like this. Once a week, have a day where you eat a bunch of carbs to refuel.” — Sean Hyson

2.) Best Shoes for Weight Training? — asked by Dennis Hylton

"Flat-soled shoes like a Converse Chuck Taylor are great to lift in. So are Vibram Five Fingers (those wacky toe shoes) or wrestling shoes. Running shoes , or any footwear with a squishy sole or a big heel is going to hurt your leverage on certain exercises, reduce your strength, and even pitch your body forward. That can cause the wrong muscles to get involved in a lift and throw off your form. Of course, this means injuries can result too. If possible, train barefoot. You’ll strengthen your feet and that will pay dividends on every exercise." — Sean Hyson

3.) Now What? — asked by Lee Finch

"Don’t train more. Train more efficiently. Three days a week is fine. You can do full-body sessions or an upper/lower split. Focus on eating more calories and carbs calories and carbs, and cut back on cardio. Put your cardio at the end of your workout or on a separate day." — Sean Hyson

4.) Calorie Burner — asked by Jorge Kream

"Contrary to what may seem logical, overweight people do tend to burn more calories than thin people. The more weight they carry around, the more of a tax it is on their systems to survive (a bad thing). However, some of that weight is muscle mass, and that burns more calories too (a good thing). The reason a heavy person may be muscular but not lean is that he/she is still eating more calories than are burned." — Sean Hyson

5.) Forgetful Body? — asked by Health Boyer

"Muscle memory should “kick in” all by itself. If it’s been a while since you trained or performed a certain exercise, you won’t be able to do it as efficiently (you won’t be as strong) as you once did, but you’ll improve quickly. It takes a little more than a week of not doing a lift for your central nervous system to start to “forget” how to perform it well. It sucks, I know . . . " — Sean Hyson

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