1.) Leg Builders — asked by Keith Croney

Squat and deadlift. Learn the proper form (you can find it here on MensFitness.com) and perform three sets of five reps. Do the squat twice a week and the deadlift once. Add weight each workout.” — Sean Hyson

2.) Post-workout Cardio — asked by Adil Kason

"You can do cardio after you lift but if it was a particularly brutal session you might not be able to give it your best effort. If this is the case, try to do cardio several hours before or after lifting, or on a different day entirely." — Sean Hyson

3.) Energy Boost — asked by Michael Ryan

"Caffeine may help you, but try this: eat few or no carbs all day until you’re ready to train. You’ll keep your sympathetic nervous system revved up, and that will make you more alert and anxious to train. If you need more of an energy boost, have some fruit or sweet potatoes in the day before training, but avoid high-glycemic foods like bread or pasta. Take in most of your carbs after training." — Sean Hyson

4.) Recovery Methods — asked by Top Doctors Labs

"Make sure you’re eating enough—about a gram of protein per pound of your body weight and 2x your weight in carbs if you want to gain muscle. Get eight hours of sleep per night and use a foam roller before sessions and in between. You can also take contrast showers—turn the water really hot for a minute and then really cold, and repeat." — Sean Hyson

5.) Recovery Time — asked by Thomas Lhamon

"Try a four-week cycle. Gradually add weight or increase reps every week for three straight weeks (so, three hard weeks) followed by a de-load week. In the fourth week, use about 80% of the loads you used in week 3 and do one or two fewer sets for each lift. It should feel pretty easy. When you restart the cycle, you’ll feel refreshed." — Sean Hyson

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