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Wave Loading

This technique will help you to gain size and strength

What Is It?
● Adjusting the amount of weight you use on each set, rather than using the same amount throughout.

How to Do It
● Perform your first set using a heavy weight you can manage for about six reps. For your next set, add weight and do one or two reps. Then repeat the process (another wave), increasing the weights on both sets. Finally, perform a lighter set with higher reps, such as 15. If you’re more advanced, do three progressively heavier sets, such as five reps, four reps, and three, then repeat.

The Benefit
● Alternating moderate and heavy sets can “trick” your body into thinking the weight seems lighter than it is. This allows you to handle heavier weight with greater ease. Besides feeling stronger during the workout, lifting heavier allows for faster muscle growth.

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