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The Weak-Point Workout

The biggest occupational hazard on your job may not be the asbestos in the walls or the hot blonde receptionist in the lobby-it's more likely the desk you sit at and the computer you work on. And the worst risk you take in the gym probably isn't bench-pressing without a spotter, it's benching, period. In short, you're a ticking time bomb.

"But how?" you ask. You're "just like everybody else." In fact, you're healthier- you think - because you lift weights. In this case, there's no safety in numbers: Everyone who works a desk job is at risk of developing dangerous imbalances between the muscles on the front and back of the body - and training, especially if it's focused on the chest, biceps, and other "beach muscles," can only make the problem worse. Fortunately, there's still time to defuse you, before your progress in the gym implodes and your body shuts down with injuries.

The MFWeak-Point Workout is designed to correct the imbalances that put the pain in your lower back and the slope in your shoulders, putting your body back into alignment so you can rehabilitate injuries, avoid future ones, and build more muscle all over. Warning: Do not skip this program. Even if you work in a lumberyard or feel that every inch of you is in the pink, the routines we are about to show you are essential for building a healthy and functional body. If you want to be truly fit, this is a program you absolutely must do.


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