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10 Exercises That Suck

Replace these time-wasters for safer workouts and more muscle.
10 Exercises That Suck

There's a simple rule of thumb for deciding whether to include an exercise in your workout: If it makes you look like a jackass, don't do it. Walk into any gym today (aside from the one I train people at, of course) and you're likely to see guys trying to isolate their "medial deltoids" with machines that look like something out of a medieval torture chamber, or struggling to balance on a ball like some kind of circus bear. Most of these people aren't getting bigger or stronger, and a lot of them are getting hurt. There's nothing wrong with varying your workout and performing a move that hits the muscles a little differently, but exercises that force you to work with extremely light weights, use over-complicated equipment that puts you at risk for injury, or make you feel like an idiot just aren't worth doing. That's why we've compiled this list of 10 exercises that absolutely suck, accompanied by better alternatives that promote a safer, more effective workout.

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