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10 Metabolic Moves to Supercharge Weight Loss

A medicine ball and resistance band are all you need to torch fat, boost your athletic performance, and build a killer core.

If your workout includes bouts of tough, heart-rate-revving work interspersed with very little rest it becomes "metabolic." That means you ramp up the amount of calories you burn during the workout and maximize calorie burn after the workout. 

This high-intensity metabolic circuit, created by Jungin Jung MS, ATC, CSCS from SoHo Strength Lab, is exactly that. To make this routine crazy-effective, Jung capitalized on two old-school pieces of equipment: a medicine ball and resistance bands. The first five metabolic exercises are done with a light- to moderate-weight medicine ball and will help you burn fat, maximize your power output, and forge a rock-solid core. The second round of metabolic exercises comprises moves done with light to moderate resistance bands, which will trigger fat loss as well as improve your athletic performance. 

Prescription: Complete the medicine ball exercises, then move right into the resistance band moves (following the recommended rest for each). Once you complete the circuit, take 2-3 minutes rest, then repeat for a total of 2-3 rounds.  

Note: It's best not to plan high-intensity resistance training on back-to-back days. You don't want to exhaust or overtrain your muscles (which will take vital energy away from your workout anyway). You want to give your body enough time to recover, so plan to do this metabolic circuit two to three days a week with lower-intensity cardio or strength training in between. Always factor in your fitness and comfort level when gauging the frequency and intensity of your workouts. 

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