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12 Moves To Power Up Your Workout

Build functional strength and power with these 12 explosive moves.

There’s no better population to test cutting edge supplements and training methods on than elite military soldiers since they’re required to have functional strength year-round. Today’s military personnel are bigger, stronger, and faster thanks to a revamped workout philosophy that stresses progression and overload instead of randomized “bootcamp” sessions. “Instead of overtraining with 8 or 10-mile runs multiple times per week, Physical Training is more about being able to accelerate, change direction, get up, get down, climb under, jump over, etc.,” says Captain Tony Soika, a tactical strength and conditioning coach and company commander for the U.S. Army. Build full-body strength and explosiveness with this military-inspired four-week training plan.

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These 12 exercises are divided into two workouts, “A” and “B.” Perform workout “A” on Mondays/Thursdays and Workout “B” on Tuesdays/Fridays. Perform exercises 1A, 1B, 1C and then rest 20 seconds. That is one set. Do three total sets. Repeat for 2A, 2B, 2C. Take 2 seconds for the negative, pause for 1 second, and do a 1-second positive. *Follow this tempo for the explosive moves: 2 seconds negative, 0 second pause, explosive positive. Building broad shoulders and six-pack abs, like Chris Evans in Captain America, is merely a side effect of this four-week power plan. 

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