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12 Moves To Power Up Your Workout

Build functional strength and power with these 12 explosive moves.

Anytime exercises to get ripped faster


1A. Squat Jump* - 3 reps

1B. Bodyweight Squat – 12 reps

1C. Towel Supine Bodysaw – 12 reps
Place your upper back on a towel. Lie faceup on the floor with your knees slightly bent. Push your hips upward. Without pausing, pull your upper back toward your heels. Pause and then reverse the motion, by pushing your heels into the floor and straightening your knees.

2A. Box Jump* - 3 reps

2B. Single-Leg Bodyweight Romanian Deadlift -12 reps per leg

2C. Box Single-Leg Lateral Crossover Step – 12 reps per leg
Stand with your right side next to a box. Place your left foot on the box. Press your left foot into the box and push off until both legs are straight. Reverse the motion and return to the start. Do the recommended reps on your left leg before moving to the other side. 

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