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The 4-Week Kettlebell Shred

Build full-body strength while burning fat with this 4-week kettlebell routine.
Full-body kettlebell workout for muscle growth

Among the many benefits of kettlebell training are strength gains, performance increases, and fat loss. “Kettlebells have perfect ergonomics for key strength exercises like military presses and front squats,” says Pavel Tsatsouline, chairman of who educates elite U.S. military and law enforcement special operations units about the effectiveness of the training method. “Kettlebells are a lot more forgiving than the barbell, and they promote symmetry." Tsatsouline says that intermediate lifters who follow this plan to a T while eating enough protein and getting adequate rest are likely to put on five to eight pounds of lean muscle mass and get their abs to pop. 

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Pavel says: Perform the exercises in the order they are listed. For example, on Monday of Week 1, do 3 sets of 5 reps of the double kettlebell front squat followed by three sets of five reps of the double kettlebell press. Take a four- to six-minute rest between sets. It seems like a lot of rest but don’t rush your training; this is not a lactic acid smoker, but serious strength training. On Mondays/Thursdays use 5-8 1RM in the double kettlebell front squat and double kettlebell press.  For the kettlebell swings, beginners use 53 pounds, while advanced strength trained athletes use 70- 106-pound kettlebells.

Note that you will be adding a rep to both series on Monday, then repeating the same workout on Thursday. This is what Russians call “step cycling." It allows you to solidify your gains by staying with the same load for two or more sessions before moving up.


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