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The 6-Move Man Boob Elimination Workout

The answer for eliminating man boobs? Hammer the heck out of your chest and upper body. And we've got it covered from all angles. After 2-3 weeks, toss in a few sets of dips. You can also work in a few different cable flye angles for variety. But for starters, this will do.

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Complete 2 sets of exercises 1 and 2. Then, complete 5 rounds of the giant set with 120 seconds rest in between rounds.

1. Pinch Press x 10-12 reps
2. DB Incline Press x 10-12 reps

3A. DB Bench Press x 10-12 reps
3B. DB Pullover x 8-10 reps
3C. Cable Flye x 8-10 reps
3D. Push Ups x failure

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