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6 UFC Full-Body Workouts For Strength, Endurance and Fat Loss

6 UFC Full-Body Workouts For Strength, Endurance and Fat Loss

Strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance are cornerstones of a fighter's training regimen. Together they build the kind of athleticism that determines your downfall or your domination. And it’s not limited to the Octagon. Whether you’re traversing an obstacle course race or competing in an amateur CrossFit competition, you need to be well rounded—you need muscle and agility, endurance and explosiveness. 

UFC Gym lives up to their motto “Train Different” by providing classes that combine strength training with cardiovascular conditioning. Instead of conventional cardio, you’ll push sleds, flip tires and slam sand bags in their Daily Ultimate Training class. Modeled on high intensity interval training, these crazy periods of work and short recovery strengthen your cardiovascular capacity and torch calories long after you leave the gym. 

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You’ll also get a taste of their main expertise, MMA and kickboxing, in the MATRX class—a cutting edge routine that incorporates TRX suspension. TRX increases your movement capacity and engages your muscle fibers in a way free weights and machines can’t because it utilizes your own bodyweight from various angles. Your stability, flexibility and endurance are strengthened—and most of all, your mind is engaged.

What better way to train like an athlete, get the physique of a fighter, and get in the best shape of your life than to ask coaches and trainers for the very workouts they use when they want to torch fat, kick up the intensity, and get in tip-top shape? Exactly. There is none. 

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“Our overall goal is to provide the best possible training environment, coaching, and programs for our member base,” says UFC Gym SoHo General Manager Jason Dunton. “We don't just give you a gym for you to hit your goals in, we run by your side and help you get there." 

With these 6 routines from UFC Gym SoHo coaches in your workout repertoire, you’ll hone the skills, build the strength, and acquire the endurance of a UFC fighter. Put in the work and you’ll see and feel a transformation in your body and mind in little to no time. 

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Push the Pace Power & Endurance Workout
Courtesy of Anthony Feliz - Fitness Director at UFC GYM Soho ,CPT, PES CES, CrossFit Level 1

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Dynamic Warmup
Rounds: 3
Duration: 45 seconds each
Distance: 15 meters

- Bear Crawls 
- High Knees
- Arm Circles
- Air Squats

What you need:
- Dumbbells

Directions: Perform these two exercises as a superset and complete 4 rounds. Reps: Indicated below 
Rest: No rest between the Spartan Maker and Burpees-Pushup-Broad Jumps superset; 30 seconds rest in between rounds

1. Spartan Makers
Reps: 4

Directions: Grab a pair of dumbbells. Start in pushup position with hands on dumbbells. Complete two pushups. While in the “up” position, row one of the dumbbells to the side of your ribs. Place it back on the ground and do another pushup. Repeat this step; only row with your alternate arm. Next, jump your feet toward your hands and clean and press the dumbbells. After, bring the dumbbells to waist-level and squat down until you can rest the dumbbells down, slightly in front of you. Jump back into pushup position. This is one rep. 

2. Burpees-Pushup-Broad Jumps
Reps: 5

Directions: Stand with your feet half a foot apart. Quickly, bend at your knees drop your hands down to the floor. At the same time, kick your legs out behind you. With your body in a straight line, do a push up. Quickly bring your feet back in, bring your arms behind you, and jump forward as far as you can, propelling your arms to help drive your body forward. Land on both feet and assume the initial stance. 

3. 8-Min EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) Barbell Complex

What you need:
- Bar/Barbell
Rounds: 4
Rest: For however much time is left in the minute after you complete each movement

- 4 Power Cleans
- 3 Front Squats
- 2 Push Press

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Stabilization Drill
Courtesy of Tory Chisolm - UFC Gym Soho Coach, UFC Gym certified 

The Full Body Stability Workout >>>

What you need:
- BOSU Ball
- dumbbells 
- Cable pulley machine and rope extension
- curl bar
- kettlebell 

This entire routine utilizes high reps and should run consistently as one set without any rest until the end of the circuit for maximum pump and muscle endurance.

Rounds: 2-3
Reps: indicated in each exercise
Rest: 30 seconds between rounds

1. Dumbbell Curls 
Start with both feet on a BOSU ball. Perform 10 supinating (palms toward your face) dumbbell curls with each hand. At the top of each movement, squeeze the bicep for bout 1 second prior to release.

2. Full Squat to Arnold Press
Go down into a full squat and hold at the bottom for 10 to 20 seconds. Then, stand and do 5 to 10 reps of Arnold Presses on the BOSU ball. 

3. Cable Pulls
Position the BOSU ball in front of a cable pulley machine. Connect a rope extension and do 30 reps.

4. Wide Grip Curls to Shoulder Press 
Utilizing a curl bar, perform 10 repetitions of wide grip curls. Then, transition into a shoulder press. Complete 10 repetitions.

5. Kettlebell Swings
Perform single arm kettlebell swings—10 reps per arm.

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45-Minute Metabolic Strength & Conditioning Workout - similar to UFC Gym’s DUT Class (Daily Ultimate Training)
Courtesy of Jaclyn Sklaver - NASM CPT, PN1, UFC Gym Soho Coach

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What you need:
- Medicine ball
- Kettlebells  
- Bench or flat raised surface
- Foam roller
- Timer

1. SMR (self myofascial release) on foam roller 
Duration: 30 seconds each
Directions: Roll quads, calves, IT Band, lats and back, moving foam roller 1-inch forward and back to cover the entire muscle surface.

2. Dynamic Warmup
Duration: 5 minutes 

- High knees
- Lunge and reach
- Bear crawls

3. HIIT Circuit 
Duration: 40 minutes
Rounds: 3
Reps: as many as you can do in 1 minute
Rest: 20 seconds rest after each exercise

1.    Wall Balls
2.    Jack Push Climbs (Jumping jack, pushup, mountain climber)
3.    Kettlebell Swings
4.    Incline Pushups
5.    Russian Twists w/ medicine ball
6.    Burpees
7.    Goblet Squat
8.    Bench Dips
9.    Kettlebell Snatch
10.  Reverse Crunch

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Full-Body Strength MMA Workout 
Courtesy of Jaclyn Sklaver - NASM CPT, PN1, UFC Gym Soho Coach

MMA Body: Metabolic Conditioning Routine >>>

Duration: 1 hour   

What you need:
- Foam roller
- Free weights (dumbbell, barbell, plates)
- Resistance band

1. Mobility and Muscle Activation Warmup 
Duration: 15 minutes total

1a. Muscle Activation: SMR (self myofascial release) with foam roller  
Duration: 5 minutes
Roll quads, calves, IT Band, lats, back for 30 seconds each, moving the foam roller 1 inch forward and back to cover entire muscle surface.

1b. Mobility
Duration: 10 minutes  
Rounds: 3
Reps: 10
Rest: 30 seconds
- Body weight foot elevated glue bridge 
- Lateral Leg Swing [3 x 10 each leg]
- Arm swings 
- Lunge with thoracic rotation 

2. MMA Workout 
Directions: Complete each superset and rest for 45-60 seconds between exercises within the superset, resting 90 seconds in between each superset. 

Superset 1. 
1a. Barbell Glute Bridges 3x12
1b. Banded X Walk (steps in each direction—left/right) 3x10

Superset 2. 
2a. Lateral Raise 4x12
2b. EZ curl bar into press 4x10

Superset 3.
3a. Inverted Row 3x12
3b. TRX hanging rows 3x10

Superset 4.
4a. Dumbbell Bench Press 3x10
4b. Overhead Triceps Extension 3x15

Superset 5.
5a. Plank side taps 3x60 seconds
5b. TRX mountain climbers 3x15

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Boxing Progression Combo
Courtesy of Jesse Ryan - CPT, Striking and Strength and Conditioning Coach

The Fighter Workout >>>

Note: This workout is designed to help with timing, breathing, and focus. Prerequisites include basic knowledge of jab, cross and hook technique for proper results. Go here to learn correct technique for hard jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. You’ll need a partner to hold the focus mitts for you. 

What you need: 
- Focus mitts and a partner
- Medicine ball

Shadowboxing Warmup
Duration: 3 minutes 
Directions: Shadowbox to warm up the shoulders, focusing on technique

Rounds: Cycle through Striking and Combos Workout 3-10 times depending on fitness level 
Rest: 30 seconds in between each round

1. Striking

1. Set timer for 1 minute.
2. Start in a fight stance (weak leg forward, strong leg back—if you’re right-handed, your right leg is typically your strong leg) with feet shoulder-width apart. Point your feet forward, straight in front of you. Keep your knees slightly bent and relaxed, and face your partner with focus mitts on.
3. Begin with a jab, cross, hook (aka a 1, 2, 3). Once timing is assessed, progress to 1, 2, 3 block. To block, keep both gloves on either side of your temples, as not to impair your vision.
4. Progress next to 1, 2, 3 block 2, 3, 2 block 3, 2, 3. Once your comfortable with the progression, you can add slips, rolls and appropriate counter punches.
5. Keep the progression drill going for the full 1-min round, adding more minutes and punches as you progress and advance.

2. Combos and Strength

Reps: AMRAP for 3 minutes
1. Throw a 1,2,3 combination  
2. Immediately drop into a burpee using a medicine ball (When completing the burpee, you should be lifting the medicine ball overhead.)
3. Perform 10 medicine ball slams

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Power Bodybuilding Workout
Courtesy of Kenny Valentin - Strength and Conditioning Coach at UFC GYM SoHo and National-Level Olympic Weightlifter (94kg weight class)

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Note: Olympic weightlifting incorporates a heavy amount of lower body exercises (i.e. back, front and overhead squats and deadlifts). To keep your upper body proportioned, you need to incorporate powerlifting and bodybuilding exercises so you can get strong and put on muscle— all while keeping fat off. Enter power bodybuilding.

This hybrid workout combines main lifts like the bench, squat and deadlift—only schemed the way a power lifter's program would be (heavy weight, low reps, lots of sets). The bodybuilding aspect comes through the accessory work— exercises that supplement the main lifts—which helps build strength and size.

Warmup: Take 15 minutes to stretch 

Rest: 45 seconds in between exercises

Main Lifts: 

1. Flat Bench Press
Warm up:
3 sets of 12 [just use the bar]
40% of 1RM: 2 sets of 12

Work sets:
75% of 1RM: 5 sets of 5
80% of 1RM: 2 sets of 5
85% of 1RM: 3 sets of 2

2. Overhead Press
Warm up:

3 sets of 8 [just use the bar]
40% of 1RM: 1 set of 8

Work sets:
75% of 1RM: 3 sets of 6
80% of 1RM: 4 sets of 4
85% of 1RM: 3 sets of 2

Accessory Lifts

3. Chest Dips
4 sets of 12 (or close to 12)
Directions: Keep these reps unbroken, meaning try not to stop. Once you stop the set is over.

4. Lateral Raises
*keep weight light*
2 sets of 15

5. Cable Flyes
3 sets of 7, 7, 7, 7
5a. Perform 7 reps of flyes at face height
5b. Perform 7 reps with one hand over the other, just under chest height
5c. Repeat 5b with your other hand. Perform 7 reps one hand over the other, just under chest height
5d. Perform 7 reps standing tall with your chest up, hands starting at shoulder height. Keep your arms slightly bent as you bring your hands down toward your groin, remembering to keep your chest up.

6. Arnold Press
3 sets of 15
Directions: Similar to a regular seated dumbbell shoulder press, but as you come down, turn your hands out and face your palms toward your face.

7. Bicep Cable Curls
3 sets of 15
Directions: Clean rack from 30lb or 25lb down to the lowest weight possible. If you can go heavier, do so, but you must work down to the lowest weight possible. At each weight, complete 15 reps unbroken. If the 15 reps are broken, you must drop down to the next weight.

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