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Add Muscle All Over

The key to forging an iron physique is simple: Leave no muscle behind.
James Michelfelder & Therese Sommerseth

“Yeah, he’s got great genes—lucky bastard.” If we haven’t said it, we’ve all thought it. It’s true, some guys are able to achieve out-of-this-world physiques because of genetics that attract muscle to their bodies like a magnet—but more often than not, that’s not the case. The way you take your body to the next level is by looking beyond the lifts you’ve been rotating through since college. It’s time to learn some new moves.

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If you went to a trainer, he’d give you an assessment, and the results would likely be the following: You have a weak core, poor grip strength, a lack of mobility in your upper torso, and tight hips. Most guys suffer from these problems—the result of doing only exercises you enjoy. Our program addresses the areas you’ve overlooked, those poor, deflated muscles begging for your attention, attacking them with lifts you’ve never tried (or even heard of) like the Zercher carry and silverback shrug. Other moves, like the quadruped rotation and single-leg RDL, will enhance your mobility, allowing you to activate even more muscle. We also make special use of a sandbag (a loaded duffel bag will suffice), which will improve your grip and strengthen your core at the same time, enabling you to do even more new exercises.


Perform each workout (Day I, II, and III) once per week, resting at least a day between each session. Exercises marked “A,” “B,” and sometimes “C” are done in sequence, so you’ll complete one set of A, then B, (then C, if applicable), and then rest. Repeat until all sets are complete for each exercise in the group and then move on to the next group.


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