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The Beach Body Abs Workout

Burn fat off your entire core with 13-move abs circuit.

This highly demanding abdominal workout is specifically designed to train the core region throughout the three planes of motion and produce muscle shredding results in every muscle of the core. Celebrity trainer, Jay Cardiello has used this same routine with 50 Cent, Kevin Love and Tyson Chandler. Leave no muscle behind with this intense 13-move ab circuit engineered for getting a six-pack quick. 

Perform each move for a duration of 30 seconds. Rest period is 30 seconds. Perform up to two rounds. You will need a medicine ball and a towel.


1. Hip Cross Overs
Lay on back with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Extend arms laterally with palms flat on the floor. Contract core and raise knees up to form a 90-degree angle so shins are parallel to floor. Feet should press together. Rotate torso so knees fall to the right. Pause slightly above floor and return to start. Repeat. Do 30 seconds each side.
Jay says: To increase muscle activation face pamls towards ceiling.

2. Pause and Holds
Place your body in the same position as with hip cross overs. Place your palms just above knee with elbows fully extended. Contract core and press palms as hard as possible into thighs, while driving knees against hands. If performed correctly, your knee will remain in the same position.

3. Helicopters 
Remain in the same position as above but instead of knees bent, extend legs with heels aimed at ceiling. Torso and legs will form a 90-degree angle. Flex toes toward face and begin tracing clockwise circles with your heels. Keep back flat against floor. After 30 seconds, perform same exercise tracing a counter-clockwise circle.

4. Break Dancers  
Begin on all-fours. In one continuous motion, swing left leg under hips (above kness), extend foot fully to ceiling so you sit out and face forward, and tap left toe with right arm. Repeat on other side. Aim to keep your knees off of the floor throughout the entire movement. This is a wrestler sit-out except your leg is straight out, not to the side. 

5. Elevator-Ups
Start in pushup position and contract core. Drive right knee up until it unites with the right elbow. Keep your right toe pointed. Slowly lower knee down the forearm until it reaches the wrist. Knee will remain against the forearm throughout entire exercise. Return to pushup position. Repeat. Perform on other side. 
Jay says: To ensure proper form, keep an imaginary line from your shoulders to your heel.

6. Walking the Plank
Start in pushup position. Brace core and reach out right hand as far as possible in front of shoulder. Place hand back on ground and do the same movement with left hand. Quickly alternate hands. Aim to form a straight line from your shoulders to hips. 
Jay says: Stop immediately if hips begin to sag. Start over and perform again.

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