Growing up, my favorite superhero was (and still is today) ... BATMAN. You could say one of the main reasons I preferred him to the others was the cool toys and gadgets he had to his disposal. No argument here. However, what visually impressed me the most about him was when he spread his “bat wings” to make an entrance. It was just like a body-builder does when he is on stage posing his Latissimus Dorsi (or the “V” look) for all to witness. It is his way to spread his wings.

The following 5 back exercises were chosen to give you that defined look and strengthen your back for that unmistakable “V” look. 

Perform the following exercises 3 sets each, 8-10 repetitions, 90-120 seconds rest, and increase weight by 10 lbs. in each set. For best results, allow your back to rest at least for two days before re-training.