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The Best Barbell Workout

Build full body strength with this ultra effective barbell circuit.

Full body workout with barbell exercises for muscle growth



Call this one the “No Excuses Workout” because we have yet to hear a compelling reason why someone can’t succeed with it. First of all, it takes only six minutes t complete. Second, it requires just a barbell and a pair of plates. Load the bar once and you’re ready to go. Think you can handle that?

The workout is a barbell complex—a series of exercises that flow. The finish position of the hang clean sets you up perfectly for the front squat, which then allows you to move right into the overhead press, and so on. Choose one weight, which will be determined by the exercise you can lift the least amount on (in this case, the overhead lunge), and go for it. The pace will be so intense that you’ll be grateful the workout is over in six minutes. Fortunately, your metabolism will remain accelerated for 48 hours afterward.


Perform the exercises as a circuit, completing one set of each in turn without rest. Complete three reps for each move. Time your circuit. After the last exercise, check your timer and rest as long as it took you to perform the circuit. Repeat for three total circuits. Choose a load you could use for 10 reps on a normal overhead press, and keep that same weight for all the exercises.

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