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Burn Fat Fast: 4 High-Intensity Circuits [WORKOUTS]

Slash off fat fast with these high-intensity circuits from four of our fitness experts.

Dan Trink, CSCS 

Owner of Trink Fitness, Director of Operations at Peak Performance

Why his workout:

" This quite honestly may be the most brutal circuit I’ve ever programmed, and I’ve programmed some doozies. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much. But when you wrap your head around the fact that you are attempting one of the toughest sprint distances (400 meters), trying to grind through 100 Chin Ups, then 100 Burpees (push up included) and then repeating the 400 meter, it’s just awful. This is not for the casual gym-goer. If you have been pushing strength-endurance, are a high level athlete or experienced CrossFitter, you’ll have a better shot at pulling this off."


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DIRECTIONS: Power through this as quickly as possible. (Good luck.) 

EXERCISE 1: 400 meter sprint

EXERCISE 2: 100 Chin Ups

EXERCISE 3: 100 Burpees with Full Push Ups

EXERCISE 4: 400 meter sprint



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