We asked four of our trainers—all of whom are in chiseled condition—for their own routines they use to shred fat and drop pounds fast.

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ATHLETE: Will Huntington, CSCS, CrossFit Level 1 Coach
OCCUPATION: Head Coach at CrossFit Framingham
WHAT HE SAYS ABOUT HIS WORKOUT: "This workout uses a 2 to 1 work to rest ratio, one of the most effective ways to program a calorie torching routine while giving your body just enough rest to keep the intensity high. This is a great combination of movements because you can do it almost anywhere. Get creative while using the same format and sub in some of your favorites once a week to mix it up."

DIRECTIONS: Do as many reps as possible of the prescribed movements in 40 seconds, then take a 20 second rest. At the end of the rest period, immediately start the next movement. Complete 3-5 rounds.

EXERCISE 1: Lunges
EXERCISE 2: Pushups
EXERCISE 4: Pullups
EXERCISE 5: Burpees


ATHLETE: Justin Klein, CSCS, M.Ed.
OCCUPATION: Owner of T2Performance
WHAT HE SAYS ABOUT HIS WORKOUT: "This is one of my favorite workouts because it is loaded with compound movements to boost testosterone, ramp up the heart rate and caloric burn while hitting every major muscle of the body."

DIRECTIONS: The goal is to complete 6 rounds. Rest between rounds should be enough recovery to complete the same reps as the round before. Rounds 3 and 5 can reduce by one rep, but weight should remain the same or be increased.

EXERCISE 1: Hang Cleans, 6-8 reps
EXERCISE 2: Jump Squats, 8-10 reps
EXERCISE 3: Push Press, 6-8 reps
EXERCISE 4: Pullups, 10-12 reps
EXERCISE 5: Dumbbell Bench Press, 6-8 reps
EXERCISE 6: Barbell Bent Over Row, 8-10 reps


ATHLETE: Parker Cote, ISSA
OCCUPATION: Owner of Parker Cote Fitness
WHAT HE SAYS ABOUT HIS WORKOUT: "This fast-paced circuit will incinerate body fat by keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the workout and by utilizing compound, multi-joint moves. Compound exercises will activate more muscle fibers, which will help you burn the most calories. Best of all, the minimal amount of equipment required will ensure your circuit is not interrupted by waiting for machines or dumbbells."

DIRECTIONS: Repeat the entire circuit 3-4 times. Rest for up to 3 minutes between each round for best results.

EXERCISE 1: Battle Ropes, 30 seconds
EXERCISE 2: Wide-Grip Pullups, 12 reps
EXERCISE 3: Bar Dips, 12 reps
EXERCISE 4: Close-Grip Pushups, 20 reps
EXERCISE 5: Alternating Bodyweight Lunges, 12 reps
EXERCISE 6: Standing Barbell Press, 12 reps
EXERCISE 7: Bicycle Crunch, 15 reps


OCCUPATION: Owner of Trink Fitness, Director of Operations at Peak Performance
WHAT HE SAYS ABOUT HIS WORKOUT: " This quite honestly may be the most brutal circuit I’ve ever programmed, and I’ve programmed some doozies. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much. But when you wrap your head around the fact that you are attempting one of the toughest sprint distances (400 meters), trying to grind through 100 Chin Ups, then 100 Burpees (push up included) and then repeating the 400 meter, it’s just awful. This is not for the casual gym-goer. If you have been pushing strength-endurance, are a high level athlete or experienced CrossFitter, you’ll have a better shot at pulling this off."

DIRECTIONS: Power through this as quickly as possible. (Good luck.) 

EXERCISE 1: 400 meter sprint
EXERCISE 2: 100 Chin Ups
EXERCISE 3: 100 Burpees with Full Push Ups
EXERCISE 4: 400 meter sprint