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The Chest, Back, and Arms Workout for Training Partners

This is day one of our 3-day training partner series with the Sons of Strength.
Film by Steer Digital Media;

Our 3-day partner series with the Sons of Strength starts with three main targeted muscle groups—chest, back, and arms. Watch Ryan and Eric Johnson demonstrate. For additional details on the plan, go to



Partner MedBall Chest Pass 2 x 10
Band Pull Apart 2 x 15

A1: DB Flat Press
9/7/5+ (71% 75% 79%)

A2: 1 Arm DB Row
3 x 10

B1: Barbell Incline Press (Japanese Drop Set) 
2 x (5,5,5,5)

B2: Landmine Row (Japanese Drop Set) 
2 x (5,5,5,5)

C1: Partner Resisted DB Fly
3 x12

D1: Skullcrushers

D2: Seated DB Incline Curl


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