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Circuit Workouts for Big Shoulders and a Ripped Six-Pack

This four-round circuit will build muscle and strength in the shoulders and abs.

Following a workout routine day-in and day-out can get tedious and boring. Sometimes it's a good idea to just break the routine and go with a quick and easy workout to focus on specific areas you want to build up. What better place to start than shoulders and abs? Building your shoulders gives you a broader look, and a ripped six-pack is what every man wants. We've asked training contributor to HUMANFITPROJECT, fitness model and entrepreneur Abe Cruz for his go-to workout. 

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Complete three to five rounds of the following sets. Rest two minutes in between sets. Add five pounds of resistance to each exercise per set/round.


Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 25 reps
Jump Rope - 100 reps
Hanging Knee Raise - 25 reps


Dumbbell Lateral Raise - 25 reps
Jump Rope - 100 reps
Dip-Knee Raise - 25 reps

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Upright Row - 25 reps
Jump Rope - 100 reps
Bench Kick Out - 25 reps


Dumbbell Front Raise - 25 reps
Jump Rope - 100 reps
Old-school Situp - 25 reps


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