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Crunch-Time Cutdown: An Ultra-Intense Fat-Burning Routine

Danny Musico trains A-list celebrities for a living, and he's here to help you sculpt a Hollywood physique in record time.

Danny Musico knows how to get it done at crunch time. Hollywood’s A-list call on the former world super middleweight champion when they need to get fit in a crunch. And with awards season in full swing, Musico’s Beverly Hills studio is near capacity with celebrities putting in the final touches to look their red carpet best. Part of Musico’s training philosophy is based on the sweat-and-guess sessions his trainer would incorporate during his boxing career. “I never knew what my trainer was gonna throw at me,” Musico says. “I just jumped right into it. No hesitation. No excuses.”

So if you’ve waited till the last moments to get physically ready for either the ring, the red carpet, or a Valentine’s Day rendezvous this weekend, Musico’s Crunch-Time Cutdown is the short-term, high-intensity program to help you look your best when time is running out. 

The Crunch-Time workout is a rapid-fire, two-a-day interval behemoth combining intervals of short bursts of high-intensity cardio and to-failure sets of weight training—two body parts per morning workout, followed by abs work for the p.m. session. Here, Musico offers a sample—minus the mystery—three-day workout.

“I don’t want you to prepare to go through that workout. I want to surprise you in the same way that we’ll be surprising your muscles. And if you’re not tired after this, then we’re doing something wrong, because this is not easy, and if you’re coming to me, then you don’t want it easy.”

But it’s not just about the work done in the gym. Also key is what you're eating, Musico advises. “So no sugars, little to no carbs, high protein. Most important, Musico says, is to stay hydrated.

Sound difficult? Pop open a Celsius pre-workout, Musico advises, then get ready to work. Come game time, prepare to reap the rewards for all your hard work. 

Directions: Perform each of these workouts on non-consequtive days in the morning. For the p.m. workout each day, perform 3 min. (30 sec. max effort/30 sec. min.) of cycling, followed by abs exercises of your choice for 5 to 10 rounds. Musico suggests rotating ab angles each workout (upper abs, lower abs, obliques)



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