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Dude Workouts: Upper Body Push, Lower Body Pull

The Dude Workout series is a collaborative workout program designed by eight industry experts from the HUMANFITPROJECT contributor network. Each workout is different and unique from the others but pieced together to form one weekly plan. Demonstrations for each day/workout are done in groups of two.

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In DAY ONE of the program, Luis Tejada of FOCUS NYC and Joe Pepe demonstrate an upper body push and lower body pull workout to start off the plan.


Superset - One person does both exercises back to back with no rest while the other recovers/coaches.
Bench Press 3 x 8
Trap Bar Deadlift 3 x 8

Circuit - Exercises are performed back to back. Take 45 seconds rest at the end of the circuit
Dumbbell Overhead Press 3-4 x 8
Barbell Romanian Deadlift 3-4 x 8
Stability Ball Decline Push Up 3-4 x 8
Barbell Hip Thrusts 3-4 x 8

Resistance Band Sprints 3-4 x 30 yards (Use black superbands)

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Clothing and Footwear provided by Mizuno, Adidas, and New Balance.



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