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Eight-Round Fat-Loss Circuit

Crush flab with this fast-paced workout that builds strength and boosts acceleration.

With the help of CPowerFitness, HUMANFITPROJECT created this fat-burning workout designed to build strength and improve acceleration. Move on after completing each station. Ready, set, go!


Station 1

Barbell Shoulder Press: 20 reps 

Medicine Ball Squat: 20 reps

Station 2

Standing Lunge: 20 reps 

Pushup: 20 reps 

Jumping Jack: 10 reps

Station 3

Mountain Climber: 30 seconds

Situp: 30 seconds

Station 4

Jab/Cross with Gloves: 3-minute round

Standing Medicine Ball Ab Twist: 20 reps

Station 5

Resistance Band Pull-Apart: 20 reps

3-Cone Drill: Cones are 10 yards apart in a line. Sprint/backpedal to cone, circle it, then continue to next cone. Start from right and left side of cones.

Station 6

Walking Lunge: 50 yards

Resistance-band Row: 20 reps

Station 7

6-minute ab mix: 1 min. of front plank and side plank with pulse, bicycle crunch, med ball chop, V-up

Station 8

Barbell Overhead Squat: 20 reps

Deadlift with Shrug: 10 reps

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