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The Elimination Workouts: Routines That Reconstruct Your Body

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just pick and point where you wanted to cut body fat from your body? It would! But unfortunately it's not exactly possible. Your body is going to burn fat based on where your good ol' genetics want it to. But don't stress over the whole "it's genetics" thing. We've got the solution. Just because you can't spot reduce, doesn't mean you can't muscle produce.

The Elimination Workouts are a series of routines that target trouble areas by building muscle there—not trying to cut fat.

And, of course, these workouts won't do it alone. Your diet will need to be in check too.


The Man Boob Elimination Workout (aka killer chest workout)

The Love Handle Elimination Workout (aka intense ab workout)

The Chicken Leg Elimination Workout (aka simple, straight forward leg-building workout)

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