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The MEN'S FITNESS Newsstand Workout

Get your hands on our November 2016 issue starring Dana White—all while improving cardio, building muscle, and looking damn good.
Dana White stars on the cover of the November 2016 issue of Men's Fitness. Photo: Per Bernal
Per Bernal

Okay, gents: Since you follow Men’s Fitness in all its digital permutations, you probably know all about the stories we post every day on workouts, nutrition, and all-around cool stuff that makes your life even more awesome.

But what you might not know until reading this very sentence is that we publish a real-life print magazine on very high quality paper, with all those stories in one gorgeous, beautifully crafted package. Better yet: The brand-new November 2016 issue is out on newsstands now—and it’s not even November yet. That’s how much we care about keeping you ahead of the curve.

UFC Boss Dana White Is on Top of the World. Deal With It. >>>

Show your crappy wi-fi signal who’s boss as you enjoy our latest reporting on the pair of headphones that improve your workout by literally shocking your brain (we tried it—check page 78) and get better at pullups (page 97), all arrayed in a glorious printed magazine. There are also pictures! Pictures of people like Victoria Justice—yes, the former Nickelodeon star—who's all grown up and starring in the new Rocky Horror remake.

Best of all: This print issue can be yours, no subscription necessary. That’s why we’ve created The Men’s Fitness Newsstand Workout. It’s specially designed to get your heart pumping, your endurance capability up, and your toughness intensified as you get your hands on the November 2016 issue of Men’s Fitness.


Step 1: Get Off Your Ass
Standing up is good for you. Do it. You know what else is good for you? A bowl of oatmeal, supercharged with omega-3-rich ingredients like walnuts and antioxidant powerhouses like blueberries (page 30).

Step 2: Do Some Pushups
Back straight, head in line with your body, elbows tight to your body, chest to the floor. Essential, like knowing how to prepare the classic martini (see page 42).

Step 3: Go to Your Nearest Purveyor of Quality Magazines
This is the cardio component of the workout, and that means you have endless options. Hit up the newsstand on the way to your nearest newsstand—preferably as part of a solid leg day workout. (Even if you run, you should still hit the gym for legs—more on page 28). Head to the nearest drugstore, preferably as part of your weekly six to eight hours of working out. (Yes you need that much—the latest research on page 18). Go to a brick-and-mortar bookstore and show the ladies in your life you’re an erudite son of a Socrates as you flip through our feature on eating your way to the best sex of your life—see page 84.

Step 4: Buy the November Issue of Men’s Fitness
Dana White, the UFC's warrior king, is on the cover. Our editorial director, David Zinczenko talked to him about how he launched the fledgling fight company into a $4 billion business, the return of Ronda Rousey, and steroids in sports. Or check out our special feature on our UFC-style workout, which will train you to last five rounds in the Octagon, on page 120.

Step 5: Profit
Imagine the satisfaction on your next business flight when all the other schmucks on that 747 have to shut down their laptops during takeoff and landing, all while you’re getting the scoop on the manliest and most versatile new coats for attacking the winter chill and stepping up your style game. “Damn,” the non-magazine-endowed fellow passengers will say, “that totally badass dude has his shit together.”

And you will, because you’ll be reading the latest issue of Men’s Fitness.


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