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The New Year Redemption Workout Plan: Mixed Bodyweight and Abs

After four straight days of working out—even though it's balanced nicely—you'll take a complete day off, then restart with this mix. DAY FIVE is solely bodyweight work and abs.

Personal: This routine is a funny one. It can be relatively easy, or sneaky hard. Five-ten rounds can get you. I like it because it's a good dose of light strength training mixed with cardio and ab-specific work without being entirely too taxing on the body after a long week.

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Complete 5-10 rounds of the following as quickly as possible:

Push ups x 10 reps
Pull ups x 10 reps
Sit ups x 10 reps
Hip Thrust from the Floor x 10 reps

For more information on the REDEMPTION plan including the workout video demonstrations, go to

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