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Nine-Move Six-Pack Workout

Carve your core with this six-pack circuit, straight outta our 12-hour physical challenge with the Fitbit Charge.

As if our online director Mike Simone's Longest Day Ever wasn't long enough, Mike stopped by FOCUS Gym in New York City and squeezed in a challenging ab workout.

The Longest Day Ever Ab Workout

* 30-second plank
* Wheel rollouts x 12
* Stability ball plank with resisting movement x :30
* Landmine anti-rotation x 12 (note: if you don't have access to a landmine, wedge a barbell into a corner)
* Mountain Climbers x :30
* Palloff press x 10 each side
* Pilates V Hold x :30
* Stability ball pikes x 12
* Plank (as long as possible)

Rest 30 seconds. Complete x 3

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