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No-Pain Six-Pack: Back Workout

Train around back injuries and get lean with these exercise substitutions.

If you've been training for a few years, chances are you're no longer able to do all your favorite lifts, due to injury or age. But there's no excuse to bail on hard training entirely. Instead, with a few exercise substitutions, you can continue to challenge yourself, build muscle, and burn off the fat to see your abs inside of a month. Last time, we took you through a leg workout and a chest, shoulder, and arm workout. Here we take you through a back workout.

Perform the following workout once per week in the order shown. Exercises are performed as straight sets, so you'll complete all prescribed sets for one move before going to the next.

1. Trap-Bar Deadlift
Sets: 5   Reps: 5

2. Neutral-Grip Pullup
Sets: As many as needed   Reps: 25 total

3. Inverted Row
Sets: As many as needed   Reps: 50 total

Head over here for the complete workout.


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