Old-School Training Techniques That Will Never Die

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Old-School Training Techniques That Will Never Die

Newer isn't always better. Check out these classic training tips that will never go out of style.
Schenk focuses a lot of his energy on teaching functional exercise with his clients, incorporating several variations of exercises like squats, lunges, and pushing and pulling exercises. These serve as foundations of strength, and can be altered according to your fitness goals. “If your goal is to gain mass, you’re gonna have to go heavier and force the body to adapt to those heavier weights, which will require more rest time to recover, he says. “You’re gonna have to keep your rep count somewhere between eight and 12.” As for other parts of your workout, it’s never a good idea to completely tune out one area of fitness in favor of another, but excessive cardio training will definitely hinder your ability to pack on pounds.


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