Old-School Training Techniques That Will Never Die

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Old-School Training Techniques That Will Never Die

Newer isn't always better. Check out these classic training tips that will never go out of style.
“Try to eat good, quality calories,” Schenk says. “Sometimes, guys looking to gain mass have a hard time doing it because they burn a lot of calories while working out and have good metabolism, but that doesn’t mean you should go for junk food.” Yes, you want to put on mass, but we’re sure you want it to be muscle. Unfocused eating that includes a lot of empty calories won’t help your body recover bigger and stronger – it’ll just add some more fat to your frame. Schenk recommends mixing up a protein shake instead of raiding the fridge when you’re at your hungriest, maybe post-workout, since it can help to stem your appetite and enhance your recovery. After that, you can be more focused and disciplined in what nutritious foods you choose to eat to keep your weight gain at a controlled pace that will give you the exact results you want.


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