Old-School Training Techniques That Will Never Die

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Old-School Training Techniques That Will Never Die

Newer isn't always better. Check out these classic training tips that will never go out of style.
Within reason, of course, but remember that your body is generally going to stay about the same unless you give it a reason to adapt. Unless you simply want to maintain (and then you’d really be in the minority), always remember that a workout routine shouldn’t just be a routine where you do the same exercises week in and week out. You don’t need to go through the day after a workout suffering from debilitating soreness, but there needs to be a certain “shock to the system” if you want to increase strength. “You want your body to say, ‘What the hell is this idiot trying to make us do? We can’t do this,’” Hale says. “Give your body a reason to get stronger and it will.”


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