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The One-Minute Workout

New research backs the benefits of 60-second exercise.
The One-Minute Workout

There’s The 20 Minute Body, 10 Minute Abs, and the Seven Minute Workout

For the past few years, time-starved gym goers have whittled down exercise to roughly the amount of time it takes to brew a pot of coffee.

Now there’s this: the One Minute Workout. Yes, you read that right. Researchers from McMaster University in Ontario proved 60 measly seconds of intense exercise can increase endurance capacity and lower blood pressure. 

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For the study, 14 participants took on a six-week training program on the stationary bike. Three times a week they completed a session that included three 20-second all-out intervals, spread between easy pedaling. That one minute of intense effort (18 total minutes through the entire study) boosted endurance levels 12%. 

From the New York Times

“The men and women had increased their endurance capacity by an average of 12 percent, a significant improvement. They also, as a group, had healthier blood pressures and higher levels within their muscles of certain biochemical substances that increase the number and activity of mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy powerhouses of cells, so more mitochondria mean better endurance and fitness.”

The importance of this study isn’t that it proves you only need one minute of exercise – it’s just not that easy to get ripped. 

The importance is it proves the power of exercise, any exercise. Just one minute of movement can actually boost your health. For noticeable results, you need to work out for longer than it takes to heat up a cold slice of pizza. But if you truly can only spare 60 seconds (plus a warm-up), these five HIIT moves have the power to do some damage.

A HIIT classic. You only have a minute so make sure your form is perfect on every one.

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Make sure you are standing fully upright, aiming for as much height as possible on each one.

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Because you only have one minute, make sure you find a staircase that's tall enough to run up at a full sprint the entire time. This one will sear your lungs as much as your calves.

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Add a clap in between each one for more of a challenge.

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An efficient cardio exercise that can get a lot done in just one minute.

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