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The Secret Weapon For Runners

Run longer, faster, and harder with these workouts.

Want to run longer, faster, and harder? The secret isn't just more running. The true trick is spending time in the squat rack. Building your leg muscles means more power output for faster runs and more force absorption for less injuries. Adding heavy lower-body exercises will also develop your slow-twitch muscle fibers for those long runs. Finally, because you’ll add more absolute strength, each step you take will be of less intensity so you can last longer. 

Want to build wheels worthy of a top marathoner without looking like one? Read on for the workout to start setting better times. 

Master the Proper Running Form>>>

How It Works:

This isn’t your normal leg workout — here we develop real strength and work capacity with lots of strength and volume. Go heavy, but don’t compromise technique or the rest periods. 

This program focuses heavily on the total-body exercises that strengthen your quads, hamstrings, and glutes in good proportion. It also fires the stabilizer muscles that improve your balance, mobility, and movement and keep your joints happy. Then, you’ll interchange heavy lifts with breathing exercises to help you reset, tone down your muscles, lower your heart rate, and stay calm so you can come back and perform like a beast. 



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