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The Shoulders and Abs Beginner Workout to Build Muscle Fast

The second day of THE FOUNDATION program will be shoulders and abs. If you've been at the lifting game a while then chances are you'd be doing some sort of military press or high pull, and most likely with a barbell. But as a beginner, we want to ensure you start to improve any muscular imbalances—this workout is centered around dumbbell work to stimulate each muscle on each side individually which will help you do just that.

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1. Alt. Single-Arm DB Shoulder Press
3 sets x 10

2A DB Side Lateral Raise
2B DB Front Raise
2C DB Rear Flye
3 sets x 12-15

3. DB Shrug
3 sets x 10

4. Cable Face Pull
3 sets x 10


1. Cable Crunch
3 sets x 10

2. Cable Rotations
3 sets x 10 (each side)

3. Planks
3 sets x failure


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