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Six Pack Ab Secrets Revealed

Blast belly fat and build strength with this four-move core workout
AB workout for a ripped six pack

Having six-pack abs isn’t a coincidence; the desired look comes from a mix of cardio training, clean eating and core workouts. The benefits of the six-pack include standing out shirtless anywhere and an extra confidence boost since you have what so many yearn for. It’s a great life but the problem is, training only for “show” may not strengthen your core muscles (abs, lower back, hips, and glutes) to protect your spine and shield vital organs.

Spinal flexion moves such as situps neglect the effective midsection moves that require no motion at all—the old-school isometric exercises that require you to brace your abs and hold for time. Combine this crunch-free workout with a fat-loss nutrition plan to build a strong core and the rowing and climbing will jack up your metabolism, keeping you burning calories for hours post workout. These four moves are called core training; and that’s the secret to the coveted six pack.

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Perform 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D for 2 minutes each. Rest 15 seconds between exercises. This is one set. Rest 30 seconds at the end of the set. Repeat for two total sets. Do this workout twice per week.

1A. Knee-Tuck Isometric

Stand sideways under a pullup bar. Grab the bar with a staggered palms-facing grip. Raise your knees toward your chest until your elbows almost touch your knees. Hold.

1B. Rower Sprint

Strap your feet into a rowing machine and grasp the handle with an overhand grip. Tense your core. Press with your legs, then begin to lean back, and finally add the arm pull. Make it a smooth continuous stroke. Reverse the movement to return. Shoot for at least 500 meters in 2 minutes. No rower? Run hard for two minutes.

1C. Box L-Sit Isometric

Stand between two waist-high boxes. Place your clenched fists, knuckles-down, on top of the boxes. Lift yourself so your arms and legs are completely straight, with your heels resting on the floor. Without bending your knees, lift your heels off the floor so you form a 90-degree angle between your legs and trunk.

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1D. VersaClimber Sprint

Hop on the VersaClimber and tighten the foot straps. Grab the handles with an overhand grip. Brace your abs, like you’re about to get punched in the gut. Drive your left thigh toward your chest and press your right foot down. Push up with your right arm as you pull down with your left.  Keep your hips steady (avoid side-to-side bouncing). Get at least 300 feet in 2 minutes. No VersaClimber? Swap out with mountain climbers.


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