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The Specifics: A Workout for Every Body Part Series

Chest, shoulders, legs, arms, back, and abs.

Building the body the you've always wanted comes with some serious hard work, but we just made things a bit easier. Every possible workout you could need is right here in our new exercise video series, The Specifics

This week, we'll be rolling out a body part specific workout each day on and our social streams. Once the program has concluded you can receive every workout right here at

If you're a fan of the series - and we certainly hope you are - make sure you give the videos a like, share, and comment. 

Note: All of these workouts are NOT to be done collectively in one week. These are one-off's to add into your regular mix.


Five Unique Exercises for a Big and Powerful Chest with Luis Tejada
Available on Tuesday, July 21st at 9AM EST

Six Exercises for Big and Bulletproof Shoulders with Mike Simone
Available on Wednesday, July 22nd at 9AM EST

Five Exercises for Massive Arms with Sergey Pashko
Available on Thursday, July 23rd at 9AM EST

Six Exercises for a Strong Core and Ripped Abs
Available on Friday, July 24th at 9AM EST

Five Moves to a Massive Back with Joey Frad
Available on Saturday, July 25th at 9AM EST

Six Exercises for Power-Loaded Legs with Jacqueline Kasen
Available on Sunday, July 26th at 9AM EST

All workouts were shot on location at FOCUS NYC.


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