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Spring Sports Guide: The Basketball Performance Workout

Swapping out happy hour for the hardtop? Step up your street ball game with this basketball performance workout.

With the weather heating up fast, everyone's itching for pickup games with the boys. Whether you're looking to get primed for one-on-one or regulation, Will Huntington, C.S.C.S. has the workout specifically designed for the hardtop. 

GOALS: Increase vertical jump, improve stop and start efficiency, total-body balance and stability, upper-body endurance.


EXERCISE 1: Depth Jumps
3-5 sets
3-5 reps
2-3 minutes' rest

EXERCISE 2: Pro agility drill
8-10 reps
90 seconds' rest

EXERCISE 3 & 4: Core superset 
30-50 Russian twists
10 Overhead Squats
1 minute's rest
3 sets

EXERCISE 5: Pull-ups
8-10 sets
3 reps
30 seconds' rest

* Shot on location at FOCUS NYC


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