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Lose Weight and Get the Perfect Body With the Trim Up Workout Program

Follow this program of five workouts for six to eight weeks.

Everyone gains weight in the winter. And that's totally fine. It's colder, there's less sun, and the holidays can be a killer. Some use the seasonal shift to their advantage by taking all of those extra calories and putting them into building slabs of muscle. Check out how that's done with the WINTER BULK UP program here. And then again, some might have just put on the blubber. But whether you spent your winter months getting bigger, for better or for worse, the next plan is for chopping you all up: The SPRING TRIM UP.

Program designer Tim McComsey of TRYMFit says there are three main components to the SPRING TRIM UP:

1. The program includes several exercises that engage multiple muscle groups at once for an increased calorie burn and effeciency.

2. Rest periods are between 30-45 seconds to keep the heart rate elevated for an increased intensity.

3. Workouts are structured as "tri-sets." Three exercises are performed consecutively followed by a short break. This stimulates several muscle groups at once, further maximizing the calorie burn.


The Killer Kettlebell Workout (Day one)
The Two-Dumbbell Muscle Maker (Day two)
The High-Octane Metabolic Fat Burner (Day three)
The Workout to Light Up Your Legs, Shoulders, and Abs (Day five)
The Ultimate Blood-Pumping Workout (Day six)

* Day four is a rest/recovery day.


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