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The Two-Dumbbell Workout to Lose Weight and Get the Perfect Body

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DB Alt.Shoulder Press  3 x 15
SL DB Rows  3 x 15
Weighted DB Leg Raises  3 x 15
Rest 30 seconds

DB SL Lateral Raise  3 x 15
Push Ups w/DB  3 x 15
SB Crunch w/twists 3 x 15
Rest 30 seconds

DB Renegade Rows  3 x 20
DB Front Raise 3 x 15
DB Farmer Walks w/shrug hold  3 x 50 yards
Rest 30 seconds

Bench Dips  3 x 20
DB Shoulder Boxing Punch Alt.  3 x 20
Burpee w / DB Curl to Press  3 x 12
Rest 30 seconds

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