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The Game Changer Workout

Forge your leanest physique ever with the ultimate transformative training plan.


1: Foot Elevated Split Squat 
3 sets, 10 reps, 60 seconds rest

Stand a few feet away from a bench, back facing toward it. Raise your right foot and place it on the bench behind you. Keeping your chest up and your left heel on the floor, slowly lower yourself toward the floor so your right knee almost touches the ground, and drive your heel into the floor to return to the start position. Switch sides and repeat.

2A: Single-leg Stability Ball Hamstring Curl
3 sets, max reps, no rest

Lie on your back with one calf on a stability ball and the other leg straight in the air. Squeeze your glutes to bring your hips off the floor. Pull the leg on the ball in toward you so your knee is bent at least 90 degrees, lifting your hips throughout (there should be a straight line between your shoulders and knees). Slowly allow your knee to extend, keeping your hips up throughout. Switch sides and repeat.

2B: Single-leg Glute Bridge 
3 sets, max reps, 30 seconds rest

Lie back down on the floor, knees bent. Lift your left foot off the floor. Squeeze your right glute, lifting your hips so there is a straight line between your right hip, shoulder, and knee, hold for a second, and slowly lower your hips down. Switch sides and repeat.

3A: Plank Hold 
3 sets, max time, no rest

Get into a pushup position on the floor, then drop down to your elbows. They should be right under your shoulders. Hold the position.

3B: Medicine Ball Low-to-High Woodchop
3 sets, 20 reps per side, 30 seconds rest

Hold a medicine ball in both hands by your right hip. Your chest and shoulders should face toward the right as well. Turn your shoulders and raise your arms, so your chest and shoulders face toward the left and the med ball is above your head. Switch sides and repeat.




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