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The Jamie Foxx Workout

Functional training and core work allow the star to assume any identity.

Jamie Foxx is one of few movie stars who’s also a great actor. (Think about it.) Whether he’s playing a rhythm-and-blues legend (Ray), an ex-slave out for revenge (Django Unchained), or the president of the United States (White House Down), Foxx has a way of dissolving into character. His dynamic physique is as much a part of his transformative ability as his acting, and his workouts lay a foundation on which he can build any character he takes on.


Foxx’s workout is divided into mini circuits that keep it moving quickly, allowing him to hit multiple muscle groups in a short period and raise his heart rate to accelerate fat burning. Although Foxx always sports ripped abs and thick arms, he does surprisingly little direct training for them. His workouts integrate core stability into every movement to enhance his functionality. With such a solid starting point, he can quickly add whatever muscle, flexibility, or definition a part requires. Jack Manson is Jamie Foxx’s personal trainer and the owner of Jack Built Performance, LLC, in Los Angeles.


The exercises are divided into groups of three or four. Perform a set of the A, B, and C exercises (there’s also one D move) in sequence before resting. Repeat until you’ve done all the sets for that group— then move on to the next group.

Group 1

1A: Single- To Double-Leg Press
Reps: 10, 5 (see below)
Rest: 0 sec.
Set up at a leg press station with both feet on the foot plate. Unrack the weight and lower it slowly until your knees are bent 90 degrees. Press the weight back up, pushing through your heels. When 10 reps are complete, rest your left foot on the floor and use only the right leg for 5 reps. Then immediately repeat with the left leg.

1B: 2-Way Plank

Reps: Hold for 60 sec. (each position)
Rest: 0 sec.
Get into pushup position then rest your forearms on the floor. Brace your abs and hold for 60 seconds—that’s a plank. On your second time through the circuit, turn to your side and rest on your left forearm. Raise your body until it forms a straight line and hold—that’s a side plank. On the third set, repeat the side plank on the right side.

1C: Pushup W/Lateral Crab Walk
Reps: 10–15 (each direction)
Rest: 90–120 sec.

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