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Train Like Adrian Wilson

Build power and get lightning-quick with this plyometrics workout.

To be a well-rounded athlete you're going to need to develop power, speed, and agility. In the case of New England Patriots' safety Adrian Wilson, this combination can help you deliver crushing blows on the field. The five-time NFL Pro Bowler has the ability to quickly change direction to either cover the pass or stuff the run. For everyone else, increasing speed, power, and agility results in an improvement in athletic performance and huge amounts of calories burned. Plyometrics is an exercise system with origins in track and field that focuses on the development of power and speed. "It's everything power related: extending from the hips, contracting in the most rapid way, and jumping," says Adam Mathis, C.P.T., P.E.S., C.E.S., of Zone Athletic Performance in Arizona. "This is important when training for any power sport, especially football, in which Adrian uses these movements, since the plan is to develop power, force, and get a hip drive." Mathis is Wilson's trainer and designed this fast-paced plyometrics routine to boost Wilson's performance on the field. 


Mathis advises doing this routine once per week for 3-4 weeks as long you are doing some good strength training with it to improve jumping and speed. Perform the dynamic warmup then begin the workout. Do A1 and A2 as a superset. Do B1 and B2 as a superset. Do C1, C2 and C3 as a superset. Move within each superset without resting.


High Knee Run
Duration: 20 yards or 1 min.

Backward Run
Duration: 20 yards or 1 min.

Power Skip
Duration: 20 yards or 1 min.

Duration: 20 yards or 1 min

Leg Swing
Duration: 10-15 reps

Hamstring Swing
Duration: 10-15 reps

Toe Jump
Duration: 10-15 reps

Opposite Extension
Duration: 10-15


A1: Barbell High Pull
Sets: 4
Reps: 3
Adam says: Because you're using resistance to load the hips and activate them, you're able to deliver more force when you get to the box jumps.

A2: Box Jump
Sets: 4
Reps: 3
Rest: 90-120 sec.
Adam says: Jumps are the true essence of plyometric training.

B1: Dead Squat From Pins*
Sets: 5
Reps: 3
*Set the pins on a squat rack low enough so the bar rests on your shoulders while you’re in a quarter-squat position. Explode to a standing position then come back down. That’s one rep.
Adam says: Adrian is able to load a lot of weight here to activate everything you can possibly need to develop force.

B2: Reactive Broad Jump
Sets: 5
Reps: 3
Adam says: There is no rest in between each jump. Right when you land you explode into the next jump.
Rest: 2 min

C1: Lateral High Knee
Sets: 4
Reps: 5 (Across in one direction and back in the other direction is one rep)
Adam says: Adrian steps over five 12-inch hurdles but you don’t need to use anything to get quick feet.

C2: Multidirectional Jump**
Sets: 4
Reps: 15 Jumps
**Starting from the right, jump forward to the left, land, jump forward to the right, land, jump to the left to form a zigzag pattern. 
Adam says: Adrian jumps over five 12-inch hurdles but you can just jump multidirectional to learn how to explode to the left and right versus just jumping linear.

C3: Speed Ladder Buzzsaw***
Sets: 4
Reps: 2 (Going through the ladder in one direction and back in the other direction is one rep)
***Place the ladder in front of you horizontally since you are moving laterally. Step into the first box with one foot then quickly bring the next foot in. Bring both feet back. Repeat for the entire length of the ladder then sprint five yards.

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