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The Transition Workouts: Intermediate Plan

Cutting season is over—here's the 3-day plan for bulking up for "intermediate" lifters.
The Transition Workouts: Intermediate Plan

It's time to put back on some of the weight you stripped this summer—weight in muscle. You're going to want it to fill out all those fall clothes you're sure to be shopping for. That's why we're bringing you The Transition Workouts, created by NSCA trainer Nick Clayton, C.S.C.S.

This is the intermediate plan. You can find the beginner plan here and the advanced one here. For all three plans, the exercises start with the most difficult (highest degree of technique required and most amount of muscle mass used, like squats and bent-over rows) and progress to easier ones (isolation moves that require a lower degree of technique like calf raises and triceps rope pulls). 

Complete these workouts each week on non-consecutive days. Continue to eat right and you'll see muscle definition in no time. Just watch your form: "If you don't know how/can’t perform a back squat correctly, for example, either a) work on technique with a lighter load or b) select a less-technical variation of the back squat, such as the goblet squat," says Clayton.  

A. Bench Press3-5 sets6-10 reps60-90 seconds restB. Cable Fly3-5 sets8-12 reps45-60 seconds restC. Machine Chest Press1-3 sets12-15 reps30-45 seconds restD. Military Press3-5 sets6-10 reps60-90 seconds restE. Upright Row2-3 sets8-12 reps with 45-60 seconds restF. Lateral Raise1-3 sets12-15 reps​30-45 seconds restG. Reverse Flies1-3 sets12-15 reps30-45 seconds restH. French Press 2-3 sets8-12 reps​30-45 seconds restI. Dips2-3 sets8-12 reps30-45 seconds restJ. Triceps Rope1-3 sets15-20 reps30 seconds restK. Plank Variation1-3 sets60 second efforts30-40 seconds restL. Low Back Extension1-3 sets20 reps30-45 seconds rest

A. Squat3-5 sets5 reps2-3 minutes restB. Romanian Deadlift or Barbell Hip Thruster3 sets6-10 reps60-90 seconds restC. Leg Press5-10 sets10 reps60 seconds restSuperset:D1. Leg ExtensionD2. Leg Curl1-3 sets12-15 reps0-30 seconds restE. Calf Press5 sets15-20 reps30-45 seconds restF. Cable Twist/Rotation1-3 sets8-12 reps30 seconds restG. Side Planks1-3 sets30-60 second efforts30 seconds rest 

A. Bent-Over Row3-5 sets6-10 reps60-90 seconds restB. Chin-Ups3-5 sets8-12 reps45-60 seconds restC. Seated Row or Lat Pulldown3 sets12-15 reps30-45 seconds restD. EZ-curl Bar Biceps3-5 sets8-12 reps60-90 seconds restE. Dumbbell Hammer Curls2-3 sets12-15 reps45-60 seconds restF. Reverse Curls2-3 sets15-20 reps30-45 seconds restCIRCUIT:G1. Reverse Crunches1-3 sets8-12 reps0-30 seconds restG2. Stability Ball Jacknife1-3 sets10-15 reps0-30 seconds restG3. Bicycle Crunches1-3 sets15-20 reps2 minutes rest


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